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Turn Customers into Regulars

Sure, expanding and acquiring new customers is always a goal in the restaurant business. New customers bring in new sales and signify that your business is reaching bigger audiences. However, making sure your existing customers are regulars should always remain a priority! 

Targeting your marketing strategies to your existing base results in a return on investment. A loyal, existing customer means more consistent orders over time. In addition, happy and loyal customers can reach the new customers you wanted through word of mouth and positive recommendations. 

Consider starting a loyalty or reward program. You may be familiar with this type of incentive strategy from companies like starbucks or chipotle where a customer earns rewards for each order and eventually can use those rewards for a free meal, side, etc. This strategy may have been difficult to track before, but with the rise of apps and online ordering customers do not have to worry about losing a punch-hole-card or forgetting it at checkout. 

There are also effective methods that require less action from customers than joining a reward program. Remember that emails, social media and print material can be targeted to incentivize an audience! With our phones and laptops never too far from our reach, emails and social media are more accessible to customers than before and can be easy reminders to your customers about their favorite order.

Emails can be programmed to send out around a similar date or time from the customers last order. Social media keeps pictures you choose on the news feeds of customers and allows you to interact with them through comments, stories and personal messages. 

Remember that there are food blogs on almost every social media platform: Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. If you have time, look into local blogs about your city and reach out to them about collaborating on posts or having them share your content! Don’t forget to acknowledge those commenting on the posts or messaging you about your restaurant, this builds trust and connection with your customers! 

Comment below if you tried any of these tips or if you have tips of your own you want to share. 

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