Fox Ordering

Order management

Order Management

We offer the best
support in the
management of
your orders.

Through your account, start and stop online orders at your convenience, take care of your staff, and set the delivery time for pick-up and delivery orders from your tablet.

Make changes to the orders required by your customers from the tablet and communicate directly anytime.

During a busy day, the device will send you notifications and reminders so no order is left unattended. You can also count on our customer support, in English and Spanish.

The market is constantly changing, so you can set menu prices, dishes, and promotions by yourself

Fraud &


We offer you 100% protection against
chargebacks. Our system detects high-risk orders and performs a preventive block. Get guaranteed payment of orders, and avoid bank fraud and unwanted refunds. Count on us as the best support for your business.


Access this service in the cloud that will give you all the information about orders and customer management.

With this business intelligence, you will be able to find out who your most frequent customers are, you will have access to their information, communicate with them, and increase their loyalty

Manage orders and menu at your convenience directly from your tablet. Contact your clients and get customer support. (English and Spanish)

Fraud & Risk Management

100% protection against
chargebacks. Preventive
block on high-risk orders.
Guaranteed payment.

Merchant Dashboard

Cloud service for orders and
customer management.
Business intelligence tool for the
growth of your restaurant.