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Promote your app to customers  

Promote your app to customers Noviembre 19 , 2022 Blog Take a look at any one person’s phone and it’s almost guaranteed that you will be able to scroll through pages of apps. The popularity of apps today is a testament to their ability to increase a company’s online presence, sales and overall customer experience. …

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Turn Customers into Regulars

Turn Customers into Regulars Noviembre 19 , 2022 Blog Sure, expanding and acquiring new customers is always a goal in the restaurant business. New customers bring in new sales and signify that your business is reaching bigger audiences. However, making sure your existing customers are regulars should always remain a priority!  Targeting your marketing strategies …

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Takeout & Delivery Program/Customer Experience

Takeout & Delivery Program Customer Experience Noviembre 19 , 2022 Blog The customer-restaurant relationship can be compared to regular friendships and relationships. Like in any other partnership, customers want consistency, positive experiences and a touch of spontaneity when they feel like trying something new. As a business and restaurant owner, you should be consistently working …

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