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We’re here to help your business grow and maximize profits. Our small convenience fee is 5% over subtotal order value.


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Step 1

Clients find your website

  • They search Restaurants on Google.
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  • They are taken to your website

Step 2

Clients interact with your website

  • They’ll be able to place orders directly.
  • Engage with your menu.
  • Order Pick Up or Delivery.

Step 3

Clients Place Order

  • They’ll browse through your menu and place their order directly.
  • You will be notified when an order is placed.
  • You will be able to track each order.
  • Order is picked up or delivered with our drivers.

Step 4

You get Paid

  • We make sure you get paid every single week.
  • Increase orders, reduce fraud, and simplify payment processes with our direct online service.
  • Schedule a free Demo and witness firsthand the success of your restaurant!

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Success Stories

"Felicitamos a Fox Ordering por sus esfuerzos por ayudarnos a incrementar nuestras ventas, estamos muy satisfechos y contentos con su servicio. Gracias"

Atzin Guzman

Rivas Mexican Grill

Nevada, Utah and California